Your Master’s In Health Administration Can Fetch Salary To Live In The Fast Lane

Administration in healthcare services is an evolving trade to maintain the modern standard of the medical facilities. If you want to gain your ground in this industry, you need to abreast with the latest development and clear fundamental knowledge. If you elevate yourself above the basic degree of bachelor’s studies, you can secure a promising career in this profession. A master’s degree with a year of experience can give you a clear stretch for smooth takeoff of your career move. Master’s degree in healthcare management can give you enough resources to plan your strategic moves of your profession. The master’s program will take 2 years to 3 years of your time.

Positive projection ahead

As the projected job growth is healthy with 23% projected escalation of job by the year 2022, you can safely invest your time and money to earn the master program in healthcare administration. With your degree in master health administration, salary you can expect at the entry level will be approximately $53,940 annually. However, as you advance yourself to the higher limit, you can earn up to $150,560 annually. Nevertheless, the average annual salary in this profession is $88,580. You can count on the present industry report, where it clearly states that, owing to the growth of this profession, over 300,000 medical professionals have opted for the medical administrative services.

Navigating career earning

While plotting your career map, you may target certain areas in this profession, to yield the maximum out of it. For instance, if you join as the hospital manager, there will be a fair chance of being absorbed. At least 39% movements are indicated to the hospital section of public private, and government authorities. In doctors’ offices, there is 9% of chances, nursing home holds 7% chances, healthcare facilities 6% and outpatient centers hold 5% of room to career through. In addition, you can earn based on the number of doctors you are practicing with. As per the Medical Group Management Association, if it is 6 doctors or fewer, annual healthcare administration salary will be $87,862, in case of 7 to25 doctors, it will be $126,478 annually, and if you practice with 26 or more doctors, your salary will be $148,604 annually.

The Relevance Of Pursuing MBA Hospitality To Boost Up Your Career

While it is not obligatory to pursue an MBA to build a career in hospitality, the degree will surely help you to enjoy better career prospects and superb growth opportunities. However, if you focus to build your career in the hospitality sector only, then it’s best to specialize in hospitality management while pursuing the course. If you want to keep your scope open to other sectors as well, then consider pursuing a general MBA program. Here’s proving you with the details of two leading MBA schools in the country

 University of Dallas – College of Business

The university offers a number of MBA hospitality programs. You can choose from the full time, part time and online courses, depending on your preference and convenience.  Separate course has been designed for professionals as well as for students who have been placed in the recent past. The university also offers bridge courses. The “Early Career” MBA course is tenured for 18 months and is tailored for students having less than 4 years of experience in the profession. Experienced professionals, interested in pursuing MBA can complete the program in 15-17 months. They can either study online or attend on-campus classes. They can also take the opportunity of “blended learning”, if needed.  There are some more advantages of studying in this university. You can learn about them at the university website.

East Carolina University

The Greenville-based University offers their MBA courses both on the full time and part time basis. The tenure of the course is about 2 years.  Students living in remote locations can also avail pursue the degree through distance learning.  Basically, here, the university offers a certificate course to help students have an insight into a career in this industry. The MBA course is aimed at grooming students to build a successful career through a comprehensive business education and specialized courses in lodging, Food service, conventions/ special events and food service.

If you want to pursue a career in hospitality management, pursuing an MBA is the way to go.

Always Prefer Accredited Medical Assistant Schools

A training program or a certification is valid and valued, as long as, it is provided by an accredited organization. Same is the case of a medical assistant certification. Are you looking forward to go for a medical assistant certification examination? Well, it can give a boost to your career, but before that you have to get training from an accredited institution. With the rise in the demand of medical assistance professionals, the number of schools and institutions offering such training programs is also increasing. So, you will be able to locate many, but make it a thumb rule to for an accredited school.


Is certification mandatory?


Medical assistance professional need not be certified. However, almost every employer gives preference to a certified professional. So, in order to make yourself job-ready, you need to be certified. Accredited medical assistant schools are many that offer various certification courses. So, you can easily find one for yourself, provided you are at least 18 years old. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) a part of the ICE (Institute for Credentialing Excellence) certifies 5 major certification programs for medical assistants. They are – 1) CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) accredited by AAMA (the American Association of Medical Assistants), 2) RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) by AMT (American Medical Technologists), 3) NCMA (National Certified Medical Assistant) by NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing), 4) CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant) and CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) by NHA (National Healthcareer Association).


What are the other criteria to consider before enrolling?

Other the accredited medical assistant schools, you need to keep certain important considerations in your mind. They are – total costing for the courses, total time taking, looking for both online and regular options. These will help you select a course at your own convenience. If you want some financial aid, you can feel free to inquire about the same. Some institutes offer such aids.